• The Least Damaging Hair Brushes You Need

    The Least Damaging Hair Brushes You Need

    Haircare is not one-size-fits-all, nor should it be. This is because everyone has a different hair type, whether it’s in terms of texture (thin, thick, curly, straight, wavy…) or in terms of condition or concerns (damaged, color-treated, chemically straightened, frizzy, oily, brittle, dull…). The secret to having the best hair of your life is figuring out what your hair type is because this is...
  • How To Detoxify Skin With Charcoal

    How To Detoxify Skin With Charcoal

    When you think of charcoal, what comes to mind? You’re probably thinking of a fireplace or a grill made with coal. What you might not be thinking of is beauty products, but you should be! Charcoal is one of the most unlikely yet beneficial beauty ingredients. While it has been growing in popularity throughout the years, people have used it for its purifying properties...
  • Why Your Hair Needs A Scalp Massager

    Why Your Hair Needs A Scalp Massager

    Everyone wants long, strong hair that looks super shiny and feels incredibly soft! And while you might be using the right hair care products, adding a little extra TLC to your scalp can take your hair game to the next level. If you use shampoo products that target your scalp’s health as much as they do your hair’s, like the AYAM Dead Sea Minerals...
  • 5 Skin Care Tips You Need To Know!

    5 Skin Care Tips You Need To Know!

    The truth is that everyone wants healthy skin that feels super soft to the touch and makes you look like you’re glowing. But how can we achieve that smooth, perfect skin? Is it by using a million different beauty products? Is it by spending hundreds of dollars on fancy skincare regimens? Should we be sticking to homemade, DIY beauty scrubs and balms? The good...
  • How To Get Rid Of Strawberry Legs

    How To Get Rid Of Strawberry Legs

    A strawberry’s exterior is full of small, black bumps or seeds. While they might look good on a strawberry, they don’t look good on your legs. If you’ve never heard of the term ‘Strawberry Legs’, let us enlighten you: it’s a condition where there are dark spots or dots all over your legs. While they can occur as naturally as the seeds on a...
  • All About Rice Water

    All About Rice Water

    We all want the same thing: luscious, long locks that look shiny and feel super smooth to the touch. You’ve probably gone through a million different hair products to try and achieve the hair of your dreams, but the truth is that you have to try out different shampoo and conditioner combos until you find the right one for you. Everyone has a different...
  • Get The Skin Glow You Want To C

    Get The Skin Glow You Want To C

    If there’s one skincare trend that’s been on the rise and that everyone’s obsessed with, it’s achieving that glowy, dewy, flawless skin that doesn’t need any makeup. We see it all the time on Instagram, on our favorite celebs, and even on TikTok. You might think that you need a crazy expensive, 10-step skincare routine to get that fresh, glowing skin… but what if...
  • Best Way To Wash Your Hair

    Best Way To Wash Your Hair

    What is the proper way to wash your hair? You might think that you know how to wash your hair correctly, after all, you’ve been doing it for years! But did you know that there are a lot of common mistakes that might be causing undesired results for your hair? You might be washing it the wrong way without realizing it, and it could...
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