Benefits of Dead Sea Minerals and Mud


When we embarked on this journey to create unique products, we were instantly inspired by the Dead Sea and its many benefits. We knew that we had to pour these benefits of the Dead Sea, more specifically, its Dead Sea Minerals, into every bottle that we produced. You might be asking yourself, what makes the Dead Sea and its minerals so special? The Dead Sea is known for being one of the saltiest bodies of water in the world. It’s called the “dead” sea because no life forms can evolve in it due to its high salinity. However, this high salinity has its many other perks, mainly being the fact that it contains 26 different minerals and minimal allergens which is the principal reason why it’s commonly said that it has healing powers.

What is Dead Sea Mud?

When visiting the Dead Sea, it’s common practice to use Dead Sea Mud as a skin mask to exfoliate deeply and to seep the mineral benefits directly into the skin. The rich presence of Dead Sea minerals in the mud can improve a number of different skin ailments, from common ones like dry skin to chronic ones like psoriasis. Those with dry skin can benefit instantly from applying Dead Sea mud to their face as a mask, since its mineral composition helps remove impurities and exfoliates deeply, removing any dead skin cells that contribute to that condition. Another benefit is that the magnesium present in the mud is known for improving the skin’s elasticity, making it healthier. 

The Dead Sea mud has been found to have an antimicrobial effect on bacteria that lives on human skin, meaning that it is a recommended treatment for those who suffer from acne. This is due to the Dead Sea mineral content present in the mud. Imagine using the same breakout treatment that’s been used since biblical times and proven to work for centuries. Some people have also found that by applying mud compresses repeatedly has led to a significant improvement in those who have chronic lower back pain, where they experience fewer symptoms and great relief.

What is Dead Sea Salt?

what is dead sea salt

The Dead Sea salt is also known to have unique benefits for many skin problems, which is why people commonly use Dead Sea salt scrubs. This special sea salt is proven to help acne sufferers since it has a higher sulfur content, and if used correctly when cleansing it can help clear up skin by purifying it. For those that have chronic psoriasis, the mineral content found in Dead Sea salt has healing powers that can work wonders by helping their skin eliminate toxins at a higher and more successful rate. This leads to the regeneration of new, healthy cells which ultimately means that the skin is being purified. These are the main reasons why the use of dead sea salts is recommended as a natural alternative for psoriasis treatment.

For all of the ladies that want to find a natural solution for getting rid of cellulite, look no further than Dead Sea salt. It aids in removing toxins from the skin and improving blood circulation, while it also reduces inflammation. This is one of the surefire ways that can improve skin appearance, and this is why Dead Sea salts and muds are commonly used in spa treatments. The high magnesium and bromide levels present in this special sea salt work like a charm for those that suffer from skin allergies because they assist the skin in its cleansing and detoxifying processes. This is why it’s also very beneficial for those with atopic dermatitis or eczema, as well as the fact that it also alleviates the severe itching that these conditions are known for. In some cases, it can clear up or improve the appearance of eczema patches or spots.

How your Skin benefits from Dead Sea Minerals

We knew that we had to use Dead Sea Minerals for our skincare products because of their many benefits and the solutions they can provide for common skin problems like dry skin. The minerals found in Dead Sea salt can soothe dry skin and aid in its rehydration by cleansing and replacing the required electrolytes that are necessary for healthy, moisturized skin. Another common skin issue that these minerals can assist in is wrinkles: it has been proven that they can reduce their appearance and depth. As for arthritis sufferers, it’s common practice for them to participate in salt baths because these are proven to improve their condition. By using Dead Sea salt in their baths, they can achieve longer-lasting relief due to the fact that its minerals improve blood circulation, causing less inflammation as well as leading to general muscle relaxation. Try our selection of Dead Sea Minerals Body Lotions and see the results for yourself here! (add link)

Dead Sea Minerals Benefits for Your Hair

As for our haircare products, we realized that using Dead Sea Minerals was key, not only because of the benefits of shinier, stronger, and healthier hair but because they can aid in some of the most common hair issues: hair loss and dandruff. The use of dead sea salt can work wonders for your scalp, since the minerals help in purifying and cleansing the scalp thoroughly which improves and stimulates hair follicles, reducing hair loss by stimulating new growth. Dead Sea salts can aid in dandruff because of the high natural presence of sulfur and other minerals that detoxify and deeply cleanse the scalp. This restores the balance of cells and reduces oil and dirt buildup that can be causing irritation. If your dandruff is caused by dermatitis, these minerals have also been proven to alleviate this condition, as we mentioned before. You can try out these benefits by using our Dead Sea Minerals Shampoos and Conditioners here! (add link)

How these minerals affect your Health?

Another amazing benefit of the Dead Sea that both the sea salt and mineral mud have is that it can actually be a stress reliever. It can cause stress relief by increasing blood circulation and detoxifying your body from the outside in. Freeing your skin cells from toxins as well as moisturizing deeply can enhance relaxation. Some more added benefits include better, restful sleep and skin cell regeneration. This is another reason why Dead Sea mineral-infused salts and mud is commonly used in spa treatments.

All of these amazing benefits stem from one simple ingredient: Dead Sea Minerals. They can cause wonders for your skin, hair, body, and overall health. This is why we made them the star of AYAM Beauty, they are the main ingredient in all of our products. So if you want to try out the benefits of the Dead Sea Minerals for yourself, you don’t have to fly to Israel, you can test it in the comfort of your own home with AYAM!

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