10 Skin Care Tips You Must Learn About ( Suggested by Dermatologists )


10 Skin Care Tips You Must Learn About ( Suggested by Dermatologists )

These 10 tips are considered the sacred commandments of skincare to us at the AYAM team. We hope that by reading them you’ll have lost the sense of fear and overwhelmedness that talking about skincare routines often causes.

1. Figure out what your skin type is

To create the best skincare routine for your skin, you need to know which products you should be including in said routine. That’s hard to do when you have no idea what your skin type is because most products are specially designed to work with certain skin types and skin concerns. If you have shiny or greasy skin with large pores that are constantly breaking out, then it’s likely that you have oily skin. If you suffer from acne, then your skin type is acne-prone. People with dry skin often have small pores and skin that feels tight and rough. If you have patches of skin that are dry and other areas that are oily, then you have combination skin. Normal skin types have no specific skincare concerns and have skin that is neither oily nor dry.

2. Use sunscreen… every day!

You read that right, every day! Even if it’s cloudy, and even if you’re not stepping outside. This is one of the ten commandments of skincare: protect your skin from the Sun and its harmful UV rays. Why? Because the Sun causes extreme damage to your skin which causes premature aging (meaning wrinkles and fine lines), dark spots (which are very hard to get rid of and often need very expensive laser treatments to do so), and in worst cases, it causes skin cancer. So even if you don’t mind the aging skin and dark spots sun damage, the latter can be very painful and fatal. This is why it’s extremely important to limit your sun exposure and wear sunscreen daily. If you’re planning on hitting the beach or being outside for long periods, then it’s important to apply sunscreen many times during the day. 

3. Always do a patch test

Before using a new skincare product, it’s super important that you do a patch test to see if you are allergic to any of the components or if it gives you a reaction. It’s probably happened to you already, you’re trying out a new sheet mask, a trendy new hyaluronic acid moisturizer or your mom’s favorite eye cream directly to your face and, a few seconds later, irritation occurs and your skin is red and inflamed. Apply the product to an area like the inside of your arm and wait for at least 48 hours to see if there is a reaction. Especially if you have sensitive skin, then it’s paramount that you do patch tests before using any new product on your face. The last thing you want is to get a red, inflamed patch of skin which will likely require a visit to the dermatologist!

4. Drink plenty of water

One of the ten commandments of skincare doesn’t even have to do with any products or creams… it’s about making sure that you drink enough water! In order to improve your skin and get that glowing skin that we all strive for, the best place to start is by being well hydrated. When you don’t drink enough water during the day, your skin will directly reflect how dehydrated you are, causing it to look dull and dry. It will also cause your skin to feel rough to the touch from how dry it is, and your fine lines will be more accentuated. The best skincare advice you’ll ever hear is this: no matter how many fancy moisturizing creams and serums you’re applying to your face if you’re not drinking enough water then your skin will not reap any of those products’ benefits. Beautiful skin starts from within!

5. Be gentle with your skin

Is your skin constantly irritated and sensitive to the touch? It might not be a certain product that’s causing it… the way that you’re applying them probably is, though! When exfoliating and cleansing our skin we sometimes do this in a rush or get carried away, forgetting that the skin on our face is very sensitive and needs to be treated with very gentle hands. Make sure to exfoliate with soft, gentle motions and not to rub your face harshly when using your favorite foaming cleanser. It’s also super important to pat your face dry (softly!) with your towel instead of rubbing your face with it. By doing the latter, the towel’s fibers are likely irritating your open and freshly cleansed pores, which will likely cause redness and sensitivity. Taking small steps like these to be more careful when taking care of your skin will surely transform your skin!

6. Always remove your makeup!

One of the most important skincare tips of all time is making sure to remove your makeup completely at the end of the day. No matter how tired you are, how late it is, how little makeup you used that day… you have to take it off! If you want beautiful skin, that is. It’s important to remove your makeup because during the night, the leftover makeup and dirt from the day clogs your pores and this can lead to acne, pimples, blackheads, and other unwanted imperfections. This is why it’s so important to remove your makeup completely and cleanse your skin. It’s easy to do when you have products like the AYAM Makeup Remover Wipes, which take off all of your makeup with just one wipe! They also smell delicious and are made with added ingredients like charcoal and vitamin c, which have some added benefits as well!

7. Cleansing is key

A key step in any skincare routine is cleansing! You need to make sure that your skin has been deep cleaned and prepped to absorb the serums and moisturizers correctly. If you have leftover makeup and dirt that builds up during the day, these clog your pores and prevent your products from doing their job correctly. This is why properly cleansing your skin after removing your makeup is super important. All excellent daily routines include using a gentle cleanser before applying serums and oils. Some have gotten into the trend of double cleansing, which is a method of using two different cleansers. It’s a K-Beauty skincare practice that has taken over the rest of the world fastly. It’s recommended to use an oil-based cleanser first and then follow it with a lathering, foamy cleanser afterward. At the end of the day, the important thing is that you cleanse!

8. Make sure to exfoliate

Another important step in any skin care routine is to exfoliate! Use exfoliating products once a week to remove any dead skin cells that might clog pores and cause skin problems and imperfections. Not only is it important to exfoliate your face, but you shouldn’t forget about the rest of your body! Especially if you’re shaving, planning on applying fake tan products or going for a spray tan, then you should definitely use an exfoliating body wash while in the shower! You can also make some DIY Exfoliating scrubs made out of coconut oil and coffee grounds which can do the job and also leave your skin smelling delicious! When exfoliating, it’s recommended to lightly massage your skin, because this way the blood flow circulation is increased. As for your face, it’s best to use products that are designed for the face since it tends to be more sensitive!

9. Don’t forget about the rest of your body!

When we think of skincare, usually our priority is the face. While taking care of our face is extremely important, that doesn’t mean we should forget about the skin on the rest of our bodies! One a week, it’s recommended to use an exfoliating body wash in the shower (especially before shaving and before applying fake tan products). This will take care of any dead skin cells that might be clogging your pores and leave you with super smooth skin all over. When applying your nightly skincare routine to your face, you might realize that your lips are chapped and in need of a little TLC. In that case, apply a lip scrub (you can make one easily out of sugar and olive oil!) to remove the dried skin and later apply your favorite lip balm. Also, don’t forget to apply your moisturizers and serums to your neck, too.

10. Do your research

Skincare tips are just about everywhere you look online these days! So many people have been sharing their skincare routines online and have created many trends by doing so. If you’re not a skincare pro, then the terms and products they use might be a little overwhelming and, let’s face it: you might feel like they’re talking in a different language at times! New words and trending ingredients like peel pads, benzoyl peroxide, hyaluronic acid, salicylic acid, hydroxy acid, glycolic acid (how many acids are there!), and collagen might confuse you at first, and that’s ok. You should research these ingredients and see if they target the skin concerns you have before impulsively buying a night cream that your favorite beauty blogger loves! If you can’t seem to shake the confusion by researching online, then reach out to the best source there is; your dermatologist! Better safe than sorry, right?

Follow these tips and you’ll be on your way to healthy skin!

We hope that you’ve learned a new thing or two and are now ready to change up your skincare routine by applying these ten amazing (and easy!) skincare tips. Make sure to revisit this article any time that you need a refresher course on the best skincare tips of all time! By now you’ll have realized that you don’t need to be a skincare expert or have all the fanciest products in the world to get healthy, glowing skin. With the right tools and information, it’s easy to improve your skin and be able to say “AYAM confident!” when looking in the mirror!

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