Argan Oil + Dead Sea Minerals - Body Lotion


Argan Oil + Dead Sea Minerals - Body Lotion


A soothing and moisturizing Argan Oil and Green Tea extract formula with Dead Sea Minerals purifies pores and promotes healthy, renewed skin.


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"My skin gets dry in the winter
and this has been my savior!
It is not sticky or has a heavy
feeling- it just feels like it is
literally nourishing my skin."

- Bianca Kaswan, Austin, TX

"This stuff is a true miracle!
I have extremely sensitive skin
and this lotion makes my
skin feel smooth like butter.
The best part is that it does
not leave me feeling oily!"

- Rosalinda Serfaty, Orlando, FL

Cleopatra’s Beauty Secret

The ancient Egyptian queen "Cleopatra" was one of the most beautiful women the world has known. What was her secret? Let’s spill it… Dead Sea salts. 

As an essential part of her royal baths, the salts were used to enhance glow, exfoliate, and prevent blemishes from occurring in her flawless skin. At AYAM, we believe in turning this wonder ingredient into a powerhouse of youth accesible to all.

No parabens, no phthalates, only the good stuff.

All our formulas are free from harmful chemicals, no animal testing, and made without the nasty bad-for-you stuff. We prioritize our mission to craft the finest essentials and make them accessible to use daily.

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Turn up the volume, dance to your favorite song, and fall in love with your skin again.

Clean up your skincare routine and go from dull to glow with nature's healing properties to make you feel soft as silk and enjoy looking and feeling instantly refreshed and reinvigorated.

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Argan Oil + Dead Sea Minerals - Body Lotion
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