Ever-growing beauty care
made from Dead Sea Minerals.

Our products contain more than 21 minerals, 12 found in no other place on Earth, in their highest concentration in the Dead Sea, a mystical oasis located in Israel, known to relieve aches and pains, reduce inflammation, and relax and detoxify the body.

Why it all started.

Have you heard of macro-minerals? It’s kind of a big deal. They're the superfood that your body needs to function properly. We noticed that women were missing out on the benefits of these hard-working actives, so we decided to take matters into our hands and make them accessible to everyone. And now, the skincare miracle is finally within reach.

Supercharge Now

Highest quality standards

AYAM is powered by ingredients that do no harm, work super hard, and take the guesswork out of clean. Composed of top tier natural ingredients and salon-grade formulas made accessible for wellness seekers like you.

What we stand for

We aspire to build the best products, cause no unnecessary harm, and become a source of confidence for women around the globe. Join the movement! #AYAMbeautiful

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