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AYAM was born from the quest to create professional, spa grade products made with high quality, unique and natural ingredients accessible to consumers all around the world.

Our passion for finding the best ingredients led us to find Dead Sea Minerals, which became the main ingredient in our products due to their extensive benefits. Creating powerful combinations of Dead Sea Minerals with top tier ingredients such as Caviar and Argan Oil, we formulated the best products for your Hair and Skin needs.

At AYAM, we are driven by our desire to make you feel like the best version of yourself.

About the Dead Sea Minerals

Since ancient times, the waters of the Dead Sea, are famous for their therapeutic properties and healing qualities. It has been used over the ages to naturally treat a variety of illnesses and skin conditions.

Israel's Dead Sea, a natural wonder of the world due to its high salt content, is loaded with up to 21 minerals, 12 of which aren't found in any other ocean or sea. This is why its salt and clay have a lot of skincare, healthcare and health benefits.

Minerals and vitamins are essential compounds in order for our bodies to properly function. However, unlike vitamins, some of which our body produces on its own, we need to obtain minerals from external sources.  The Dead Sea minerals’ benefits are particularly powerful because minerals are usually bound to other compounds. These compounds often help our body absorb minerals much more effectively. That’s why minerals from natural sources are always a better choice than supplements.